Our top five wall decals

Wall stickers or decals are a great way to add style to your home without leaving a mark when you move out. Here are a few great decals that we’ve found on Etsy – a great resource for home design that’s not available in normal shops.

5 – Birch tree decal

These nice subtle stickers can add a outdoorsy feel to your room, and add focus to a boring wall.

birch-tree-decalAvailable from DreamKidsDecal on Etsy

4 – Large hippo Decal

From subtle to ridiculous, this is our favourite decal – a huge cutout photo of a hippo that sticks to your wall! Not sure it would fit in with a suburban woodchip and chintz, but that’s why we love it!

hippo decal

Available from ArtfeverUK on Etsy

3 – Jungle nursery decals

Decals are a great way of cheering up a nursery or older child’s room. Take a look at this lovely, fun jungle scene. Many of these decals are described as great fur nurseries and kids’ rooms, but don’t feel limited by that. These happy monkeys could brighten up any room, or even a fun-loving office or shop.

jungle nursery decal

Available from EgvieNev on Etsy

2 – Motivational messages

How about enormous slogans stuck to your wall? You need to make sure you’re happy with the wording because you’re going to be reading it day-in day-out. Or why not create your own wording with made-to-order lettering decals?


Available from DesignDivasWallArt on Etsy

1 – Tokyo window view decal

This is the most extreme type of wall sticker, covering an entire wall with a city view from a Tokyo high rise window. We’d certainly prefer this view than the rainy Leeds outlook we see from our office window :-s

tokyo window decal

Available from ArtFeverUK on Etsy



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